*** Please note that the price of a school meal has increased and is now £2.60 per meal *** Friday 27th May is an INSET day and the school will be closed to pupils ****

Winnall Primary School

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  • Winchester Vineyard Storehouse Cafe

    Mon 25 Apr 2022

    The Winchester Vineyard Storehouse is an organisation offering support to our community. They can help with baby essentials for expectant mums, school uniform supplies, books and toys. You can find out more by visiting their website


    Storehouse — Winchester Vineyard Church

  • School Open

    Thu 09 Dec 2021

    The fault has been located and heating and hot water have been restored.  The kitchen will reopen for hot food (10th December).  Green choice is pizza, red choice is baked fish fingers.

  • School Closure

    Wed 08 Dec 2021 A. Rhodes

    Unfortunately, Winnall Primary is closed on the 8th December due to a gas leak. We hope to reopen as soon as possible

  • Walk to School week is Monday 4th - 8th October.

    Tue 28 Sep 2021
  • Rosa Parks

    Mon 02 Nov 2020

    Year 5 have been exploring the life experiences of Rosa Parks and reflecting upon diversity, ethics and values.


    This wonderful display of their work highlights the inspiration they have taken from Rosa's life; her determined stand against discrimination and their thoughts on how her actions have impacted their lives.



  • Reading at home

    Thu 01 Oct 2020

    Reading at home is one of the main things that you can do at home to help your child. We have published a list of activities for you to try - these are based in year groups but please feel free to try whatever you fancy.  Reading any book is great, a new school book, a non fiction book from home or an old favourite. 

    The activities can be found under 'Children', 'Class Pages' 'Home Learning for all.' 

  • Scratch Artwork

    Fri 17 Apr 2020

    Yesterday, we had a go at some strange scratch artwork. 


    1. Colour a rainbow onto a peice of paper.


    2. Colour over the rainbow with black crayon. 


    3. Using a cocktail stick scratch in your design.



  • Symmetrical Paint & Braiding

    Wed 15 Apr 2020
  • Retro Art

    Fri 27 Mar 2020

    Today the children were tasked with creating retro observational drawings using highlighters. 


    What you have to do:


    1. Pick something small growing in the garden.  
    2. Draw a magnified version of it on a A4 piece of paper. The larger the better! 
    3. Pick three highlighters (we used blue, green and pink).


    Now we challenge you to have a go.


    Email your class teacher with your results!


  • Art Ideas!

    Tue 24 Mar 2020

    This morning, we have been drawing our very own self portaits - but in an unusual way.


    Are you up for the challenge?


    Here is what you have to do:


    1. Draw and colour a picture of your face, on a large piece of paper. 
    2. Cut the picture into lots of pieces (the smaller they are, the more challenging it will be!)
    3. Put the pieces back together. Can you recreate your portrait?
    4. Once you have put it back together, stick in onto a different piece of paper.


    Make sure to send your images to your class email. We would love to see them!