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Winnall Primary School

SEND Special Educational Needs & Disability

Our school SENDCo is Mrs Jameison.


Winnall Primary School believes in setting high standards for all pupils regardless of their needs and abilities. We achieve this in a number of ways:


High quality teaching tailored to the individual needs of pupils.


Additional learning support to help access or catch up with Age Related Expectations.


A range of interventions and programmes to support learning including: Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Language Link, Numbers Count, Nessy phonics, Rapid Reading, Precision Teaching, emotional literacy and art therapy.


We can support this extra work because the school has a relatively high staff-to-pupil ratio with both class-based and subject specific teaching staff working alongside pupils. The school also engages with a wide range of outside agencies to bring in specialist support when required. 


The partnership between pupil, school and parents is key to successfully achieving progress and enjoyment for all. This partnership is fostered through regular contact between class teachers, the SEN co-ordinator and home. It is also supported by the work of the school's Home/School Liaison Officer.


Special Educational Needs Policy

Special Educational Needs & Disability Information Report

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