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Winnall Primary School

Meet The Governors & Newsletters

Hello.  Welcome from the governors of Winnall Primary School. 


This page tells you about who we are and what we do.


What is our role in the school?

Working together with the Headteacher, we are responsible for the high-level and long-term decisions about the school to ensure that:

  • the school’s ethos and ambitions reflect the community’s needs;

  • high educational standards are set and are achieved; 

  • the finances of the school are in good order and are focused to benefit the children; and

  • everyone is safe.

We also appoint the senior staff and consider any complaints that haven’t been resolved by the Headteacher.


All the day-to-day decisions for the running of the school are undertaken by the Headteacher and her staff and all routine enquiries should therefore be referred to them. However, we are always pleased to hear your views about the school.  You can contact us via the Headteacher or the school office.


How do we conduct our business?

We oversee the school’s business, mainly through a number of formal meetings.

  • The Full Governing Body meets each half-term to consider the main business of governors.

  • Two committees -- Curriculum and Finance & Resources -- meet each half-term to look at particular matters in detail.

  • The Headteacher’s performance and staff pay matters are considered by special committee meetings once a year.


We also regularly visit the school to meet with staff and pupils to discuss future plans and aspirations (we call these our 'Learning Talks') and observe it operating both on typical days and during key events such as the SATs (our 'Learning Walks'). These help us consider the school's progress and its future needs. We meet regularly with the Junior Governors (an elected group of pupils) where we discuss the curriculum and well-being of the pupils in the school. 


We issue a brief report on our recent activities and give our assessment of the school's performance in December and July each year (see below or the Newsletters page).


Each governor tries to attend as many meetings as their other commitments allow, and we always seek to ensure our governing body and committee meetings have well over the 50% attendance necessary under our constitution.  


We frequently attend training sessions on routine and developing issues including those related to our individual interests and responsibilities, e.g., safeguarding, behaviour management, SEN and finance. These are provided by Hampshire Governor Services. The Full Governing Body also commission an annual joint training session of wider interest. 


Our current strategic priorities

Although we secured a 'Good' rating in our Ofsted inspection in November 2015, we are keen that the school develops further and so we have identified a number of actions for ongoing improvement.

These relate to​ improving;

  • teaching and learning;
  • pupil outcomes;
  • curriculum development;
  • early years and foundation stage;
  • behaviour and welfare; and
  • safeguarding


Our Constitution

We renewed our constitution in May 2015 to accord with the 2012 Constitution Regulations and refreshed it in 2017.  We now have up to 12 official governor positions. These are:

  • The Headteacher

  • A staff governor who is nominated / elected by the staff

  • A local authority governor who is nominated by Hampshire County Council.

  • Two parent governors selected from the school’s pupils’ parents. These may be subject to competitive election when there are more applicants than vacancies.

  • Seven co-opted governors who are elected by the whole governing body to widen our skills and contacts.


We can also appoint non-voting Associate Members to assist us with their expertise in certain topics.


Who are we? 

Each governor is appointed for a term up to four years. We each bring different skills and perspectives from a wide range of backgrounds, interests and involvement in the local community.  


NameRoleDate appointed (first appointed)End dateInterests
Nicki ElksChair of Governors and Local Authority Governor23.03.21 (first appointed 24.03.2017)23.03.25 
Fiona InnesVice Chair and Co-opted Governor


(first appointed 09.05.2018)

Alison RhodesHeadteachern/an/aEmployee of the school
Sam FelthamParent Governor28.09.202127.09.2025 
Paula FergusonCo-opted Governor28.04.202027.04.2024 
Clive GoslingCo-opted Governor23.03.202122.03.2025

Employee of Lanterns Nursery School


Chairman of Winnall Community Centre

Jamie GoughCo-opted Governor11.07.201910.07.2023 
Laure GournayParent Governor23.03.202122.03.2025 
Julian SambrookCo-opted Governor, links to pyramid secondary school, The Westgate School07.12.2017 (reappointed 28.09.2021)06.12.2025 
Anna StewartCo-opted Governor23.03.202122.03.2025 
Patrick ElliottStaff Governor08.12.202107.12.2025Employee of the school
Rosemary WalkerCo-opted Governor14.05.2019 (first appointed 14.05.2015)13.05.2023 
Joanna RobinsonAssociate Member*28.09.202127.09.2025 


*An associate member is not a governor but is appointed to help the governing board fulfil its duties and responsibilities. An associate member does not have voting rights at full governing board meetings.  

Governor Responsibilities

The key responsibilities taken by our governors are set out below.


Responsibility / Position


 Full Governing Body Chair

 Nicki Elks

 Full Governing Body Vice Chair

 Fiona Innes

 Curriculum Committee  

 Fiona Innes   (Chair)

 Sam Feltham

 Laure Gournay

 Julian Sambrook

 Anna Stewart

 Dan Wakefield

 Alison Rhodes

 Finance & Resources Committee

 Rosemary Walker   (Chair)

 Nicki Elks

 Paula Ferguson

 Jamie Gough

 Alison Rhodes

Joanna Robinson*

 HT Performance Review Committee

 Rosemary Walker   (Chair)

 Fiona Innes

 Anna Stewart

 Pay Committee

 Paula Ferguson   (Chair)

 Nicki Elks

 Jamie Gough

 Development & Training Governor

 Rosemary Walker

 SEND Link

 Anna Stewart 

 Early Years Link  

 Laure Gournay

 Safeguarding Link

 Julian Sambrook

 Safer Recruitment

 Rosemary Walker

 Alison Rhodes

 Julian Sambrook

 Health & Safety

 Clive Gosling

 SFVS Financial control checks

 Nicki Elks

 Pupil Premium  Paula Ferguson
 Junior Governors Fiona Innes


*Associate member with voting rights on the Committee                                               

Register of Governor Interests

The governing body is required to publish a listing of any business interests of the governors relating to the school, details of any other educational establishments they govern and any relationships with members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.