****Welcome back for the Summer Term. **** ***** After School Clubs restart from 19th April*****

Winnall Primary School

Practical Parenting Support


With the Covid19 crisis escalating and Government lock down measures now put into place, the pressure on families is now greater than ever. I hope you are all staying safe, connected and supporting one another's emotional and physical health during this difficult time.

With the ongoing emotional health of our families in mind, we have put together a number of resources that we hope will be useful in managing occasions when family relationships start to become challenging.

Below are some tips for parents, step by step guides and practice sheets to fill in and try at home. These have been sourced from the very successful 'Nurture Parenting Programme ' that we have run previously at school and has always been a huge hit with parents.

We will update this page regularly with whatever we think might be useful.


  Good luck!

   Mrs Miles ( Parent and pupil Support Worker)



Kindness Charts - It's easy to get into the habit of noticing only what's going wrong in the family, the things that annoy us, the times children try our patience. The children do it too – telling us when their brother or sister or friend has done something they feel upset about but not when someone has been kind to them or they've been having fun. It can be hard for all of us to remember to spot the everyday kind and helpful things, rather than taking them for granted. Here's a way of making this easier. Have a simple, colourful kindness chart. Whenever anyone spots someone else doing something kind or helpful, the person being kind is invited to add to the chart