**** December is a very busy time at Winnall Primary, please keep an eye on the diary! ****

Winnall Primary School

Sports Clubs & Team Winnall

Basketball Event @Thorden School Wednesday 15th November 2023

Table Tennis Event @Kings' Wednesday 11th October 2023

Football @ Kings' 4th October 2023

On Wednesday 4th October, 7 of the boys from Year 5 and 6 went to Kings to take part in a football tournament. We played 4 games overall. We won 2 matches, drew 1 and lost 1. Lloyd was the golden boot winner after scoring 4 of our 8 goals. It was really nice playing against our friends from another school but it wasn’t nice falling on the spikey AstroTurf. We passed the ball a lot and sometimes did long ball from the defence to our striker. Overall it was a really enjoyable tournament and we would give our effort 4/5. By Lloyd and Mason Moore

End Ball Yr 1&2 @ Kings' 3rd October

On Wednesday evening, a group of children from Orange and Red class went to Kings to take part in an End ball tournament. End ball involves throwing the ball to different teammates. You cannot move when you have the ball. The goal is to get the ball from one end to another. The throwing, catching and turning is quite funny. Sometimes we almost fell over.

Scarlett– I really enjoyed making new friends at the school.

Keira– I enjoyed everything and liked mum watching.

Multi-Skills event @ Kings' 19th September 20233 Year 3&4

Thursday 22nd June @ Winchester Sport & Leisure Park

On 22nd June, we went to the Hampshire Games Festival –which was at Winchester, Leisure Centre. We set off at 8:30am , with Mr Jewell (coach) and Mrs Simpson. The people that went were: Lisa, Charlotte, Tyler, Bernard, Lacey, Dominic, Jenisha, Evie, Kaylee and Lexi . When we arrived, we found a spot to sit down. There was a parade and there were over a hundred schools with flags. We walked around the track. There were many schools all wearing different coloured t-shirts, we were wearing pink. The first activity was dance with Lauren from Intergr8. We did a flag dance, it was interesting. Most of us enjoyed the dance. Next was treasure hunting, Charlotte was the captain, Lisa was co-captain and Dominic was the voice captain. Charlotte guessed the word – which was respect – on the first try. And it was right. After that was lunch which was delicious. After lunch, we played Kinball. Kinball was a ball that’s bigger than a normal ball. We played a game that’s like bulldog. We played three rounds and Charlotte won all three rounds. We had ‘create a game’ next. We created a game and the group that won could take the equipment back to their own school. Sadly, we didn’t win, but we had a wonderful time creating the game. The time went flying past and we had lots of fun. It was time to head back to school. Even though it was hot, we all did our very best job and put in lots of effort. The other schools did a brilliant job too. They supported us when we were losing. ‘My favourite activity was dance because the flag dance was unique.’ Year 6, Lisa. ‘My favourite activity was treasure hunting because I like how you got do it on your own in your group. It felt very mature.’ Year 6, Charlotte.

Friday 9th June 2023 @ Winchester Sport & Leisure Park

Last Friday, children from Years 4-6 went to the Leisure Centre to participate in the swimming gala. There were over 20 schools in attendance and the whole of the swimming area was packed. We did pretty well overall and the girls finished 6th overall in the freestyle. Box in Year 5 was amazing and helped us finish 2nd in a race by overtaking 4 people on the last stretch. A moment to behold for the day, was when ‘The YMCA’ played over the speakers and everyone stopped what they were doing to join in. We feel very proud of our achievements and we are very thankful to Coach Jewell and Miss Wood for taking us. By Niall and Harry

Athletics Event @ Kings' Wednesday 25th May

Football Game @ Micheldever

On Wednesday we travelled to Micheldever to take part in our first football friendly
match for years. Once we got there, we practised free kicks for our warm up. The
Micheldever coach blew the whistle for the game to start. We got the kick off and
played really well in the first half. After approximately 10 minutes, Jasmine scored
a half volley that went into the top corner (top bins!). The Micheldever team
stepped up their game and the match became a lot harder. After about 20 minutes,
Leila scored our second goal which was made after we pressured the Micheldever
defender and Leila finished in the bottom corner. We did score an own goal, but we
finished the game with one last goal. We did a celebration after we won, but made
sure we shook hands with the other team. Thank you Micheldever for hosting us.
By Leila and Ayva

Year 2 Event At Kings'

We went to Kings School and we practised racket skills. We played squash, badminton, tennis and table tennis with a ping pong ball. We felt delighted and excited because we were with each other and we went to each stage one at a time. We found it easy to hard when playing badminton. It was a bit tricky when we got to the big cones. They WERE HUGE! At the end, we could have a photo with a teddy bear. I liked the racket skills at Kings School and would like to practise there again.  
By Priya and Scarlett 

Tag Rugby Event @ Winchester Rugby Club 27th March 2023

It was cold and gloomy at the start of the tournament. We had 8 games to play and lots of tries to score. We all had fun and never let our heads drop if we lost. Dewansh, Alfie, Elliott, Ishneha, Anne, Jacob, Lilly, Leila, George, Charlotte, Liam and Serena came along. 
We set off from school at 10:00 and made sure we all had our kits and lunches. Then, we walked to the Winchester Rugby Club and did some warm-ups before we started our first match against Hiltonbury and won 5-1. It filled us up with confidence. We also won 2-1 and 1-0 against other schools. Jacob had an amazing run when he darted past 6 defenders left and right. Alfie scored an amazing 7 tries for Team Winnall.  
We kept that confidence throughout the whole tournament, we are all proud of ourselves and received a certificate for the best behaved team. Thank you Coach and Mrs Ashby for taking us.  
By Serena and Dewansh     

Girls Football Event At Kings' School Wednesday 22nd February

When I woke up, I felt excited because I was going to the football
tournament. To begin with, we got our stuff and got ready. The tension
was high, we were hoping we could win. The feeling of determination
and fear was around the room, but there was also excitement. When we
got there, there were loads of students and teachers. Overall, there
were 9 teams there. We had lots of close games, but our finest
performance was when we beat Micheldever after Jasmine scored a
brilliant goal. We all celebrated, tried our best and had great fun.
Thank you to Coach, Mrs Wilson and Miss Burrage for taking us and
thank you to Kings’ for hosting us and having their students help us and
lead the warm up.
Jasmine and Lilly- Year 6

Hockey Tournament at Kings' School Tuesday 7th February 2023

As we got prepared to go to the hockey tournament, we felt nervous and excited. In the car on the way there we were singing songs from the radio until we parked up at Kings. We met at the astroturf, did our warm up and were helped by the Kings’ pupils running the event. We had two matches and tried our best in each one. There were some super saves, defending and passing. We had really good fun and hopefully can play again soon.

By Annie, Niharika, Blake, Tyler and Alfie


Cross country event Kings' School - Wednesday 25th January 2023


On the 25th of January, Last week, a few year 5s and 6s participated in a cross country tournament (which made my legs numb) The tournament was based in Kings school. There were 12 pupils going. We are here now to tell you about our experience. (It was as cold as Antarctica.)


After 2 races and 30mintues of standing on the muddy field, the year 5 and 6’s race started.


As I stood there in a ready position, all the girls looked very intimidating. After the whistle blew, all the girls ran all over me spraying mud on my face! >: (


Ishneha started off in first potion with Serena close behind. Slowly, the girls went round a corner and out of sight.


After a few minutes, I caught up with Ishneha with a painful look on my face.


I looked ahead and saw a girl meters away from everybody running I noticed her shirt was blue and remembered that she was from ST bedes then all the memories of the badminton tournament came flooding like a tsunami into my head(they literally thrashed us in the tournament



The races were great and we had a lot of fun!


Luckily, we beat them and a sense of accomplishment filled the atmosphere.  We met a few old friends too, which made our day!


After the girls’ race, the boys started.  Alfie, Leevi and I began in first, second and third.  We set off and went round the corner.  The path was muddy and steep, and the race hard and tiring, but in the end we made it through, beating many students.

Girls Football Tournament Toynbee School 24th January


On January the 24th 12 children from y5 and y6 attended a girls football tournament at Toynbee school in Chandlers Ford.  There were teams from lots of different schools around Winchester.  It was cold but that didn’t stop us!



We played 6 games against different schools, including South Wonston and Weeke.  Each game was 5 minutes long.



Every 2 minutes coach would swap children around to play football so that everyone got a turn. Thank you to coach for supporting us!



There were 4 different games going on at the same time.  We drew 4 games and lost two. The games ended without us scoring any goals but we still really enjoyed ourselves.



After each game we had to shake hands with the other team and say good game.  This was important to show good sportsmanship.


Even if we lost a match we never put our heads down, we always kept them up.  I think we can all be proud of ourselves for being so determined!



Well done to all of the year 5 and 6 girls that took part in the football tournament and thank you to all of the parents who came to support us – I’m sure the Year 5 girls will be back next year!!

Boy's Football Tournament Kings' School 18th January

George On the 19th of January 8 children from year 5 and 6 attended the kings secondary school football tournament. The people who came were: Charlie May, Elliott Watson, George Pearsall, Dewansh Thapa, Joedy Hutchins, Lloyd Hamlin, George Ascroft, Neil Rolfe.  Winnall got unlucky and had to play 5 times in row.


Dewansh We were beaten by other schools in three of our matches but managed to draw twice.  We did score one goal and the person who scored was Elliott Watson.  The person who assisted Elliott was Charlie May with a beautiful cross in while Elliott tapped it in.


Charlie It was very unpredictable and the goals were very long but short so not what we are used to normally. [Include something about what you all enjoyed!]



Badminton event at Kings' school 30th November 2022

Basketball event at Kings' School 16th November 2022

Commonwealth games event at Kings' school

Boys football tournament Toynbee School

PE & ART Year 6 July 2022

Commonwealth games passing of the torch in Winchester

Sports day 2022

Inclusive swimming gala Winchester leisure centre

Swimming Gala Winchester sports and leisure centre

Tag Rugby tournament at Winchester rugby club

Girls Football Tournament


On 19th September 2019, a selection of girls from KS2 represented Winnall at a girls football tournament at Toynbee in Eastleigh.  The girls were a shining example to the school and throughly enjoyed each game they played in.

Sports Day 2019
Swimming Gala - Friday 7th June 2019
Eight children were lucky enough to be chosen to take part in the swimming gala at River Park Leisure centre on 7th June.  The children from Winnall Primary had a really fun morning representing the school.
Athletics Event - Wednesday 5th June 2019

QuadKids is a part of the School Games competitions and Athletics in Primary & Secondary schools across the country. Over the Summer thousands of children will compete either in inter-school competitions.  Winnall Primary School were lucky enough to take part in the event on 5th June and were well represented by the Year 5 & 6 children who were lucky enough to take part.  All the children took part in four events: a 75m sprint, a 600m middle distance run, the long jump and a vortex javelin throw. Coach Jewell said the put in fantastic effort and enjoyed the day.  Well done everyone.  

Kwik Cricket Tournament - 20th May 2019


A small group of children from Year 5 and Year 6 were selected to travel to Hursley to take part in a Schools Kwik Cricket Tournament on Monday 20th May.  The children had a really fun day and represented Winnall Primary School beautifully.  Photos to follow

Swimming Gala - March 2019


Cross Country Event (Y3/Y4) - March 2019


A selection of children from blue and green class were invited to take part in a cross country event on Wednesday 20th March. 

Athletics Event (Y5/Y6) - March 2019


A selection of children were lucky enough to take part in an indoor athletics event at Kings on Tuesday 19th March. 

Cross Country - 3rd October 2018

A selection of pupils from year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to be able to take part in a cross country event at Westgate School on Wednesday 3rd October. 

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Kings Football Tournament - 12th September 2018

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Winchester Schools Swimming Gala - 8th June 2018

12 children from Winnall Primary enjoyed taking part in the 17th Annual Winchester Schools Swimming gala on Friday 8th June.  The event, at River Park Leisure Centre, focuses on children having fun in the water. For many this was a new experience and their first taste of competitive swimming, with some 280 Winchester school children from 27 schools showing their talent and enthusiasm.

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Year 4 & 5 Swimming Gala - March 2018


Well done to the swimmers in years 4 & 5 from Winnall Primary School who won medals at last week’s Inclusive Schools’ Swimming Gala.  They swam extremely well and Coach Jewell and Mrs Simpson were very proud of their behaviour and attitude during the whole event. They thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Mayor too! 

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Yr5/6 Cross Country at The Westgate School (2018)

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Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Event - 8th March 2018
15 of our year 5 and 6 children were lucky enough to enjoy a tag rugby event in Winchester today with Coach Jewell and Mr Elliott.

"On Thursday, some of the children in year 5 and 6 class went to a tag rugby event.  When we left the school, at quarter past 9, we walked down to the event at the rugby fields.  Our first match was against Kingsworthy school and lots of boys scored loads of tries.  We didn't mind that we lost as we still had lots of fun and at least we tried our best."

Written by two members of silver class.

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Year 5 & 6 Football Match - 6th February 2018
Winnall's football team enjoyed a match against John Keble Primary school in Hursley before February half term.  

By Megan Tricker - Silver Class

"When we played football, we had the most amazing time ever.  Even though we lost, it gave us the confidence to play better.  First of all, we gave each other good luck.  Owen scored a fantastic goal, which I assisted.  We lost 7-3 but I didn't mind because it was about taking part and having fun".

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Cross Country Club - February 2018

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Year 5 & 6 Kwik Cricket Tournament - Hursley Cricket Ground (2016)

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Annual Winchester Schools' Swimming Gala - June 2016

On Friday 10th June a team of children from across Years 5 & 6 represented the school at the annual Winchester Swimming Gala. All the swimmers performed fantastically well recording Winnall's best ever set of results. An especially big well done to the boys relay team who won their heats and qualified for the free style relay final.

A fabulous effort from all the team, including the staff who support this venture and enable the children to take part.

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Year 3-4 Tri Golf Festival - Royal Winchester Golf Club - 21st April 2016

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Girls Football Tournament- Toynbee School Eastleigh

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Westgate Basketball Tournament

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Winnall's Football and Netball Teams Compete in Wetsgate Tournament

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Representing the School and getting to meet the Mayor of Winchester!

Each Friday after school, members of the Winnall Table Tennis Club head off to Westgate School to compete in the inter- schools table tennis league. On Friday 9th October they had a very special surprise as the the Mayoress of Winchester joined the crowd to watch them compete in their league games and to see the great opportunities afforded to the children. Members of the Winnall squad have now taken their interest in table tennis even further and have signed up to play for an out of school table tennis club. If this is something that interests you then contact Coach Jewel for further details. 

R and R football tournament: Winnall Boys Football team walk away proud to earn a place in the top 4!

Winnall Healthy Active Club - open to pupils and parents from Years 1&2

The Healthy Active Club is a great way to spend time with your child and have the opportunity to take part in a sports activity together, make a nutritious snack and them take part in a healthy eating quiz. All participants are given an activity book to complete across the 6 Session programme. There are still places available should you be interested.


Year 5 and 6 Girls Football- Perseverance and Belief lead Team Winnall to Tournament Semi Final.

Winnall Boys Football Team compete in the Danone National Cup

Feel the funky beat as Drumming Club proves to be a real hit!

Sports Day 2015

Winnall Sports Day this year was a huge success!


The weather was perfect, children performed brilliantly on the day with new records and personal bests recorded and massive support from the PTA, parents,carers,friends and relatives.

Everyone was a winner on the day but particular congratulations to team Lamorak who triumphed in Key Stage 1 and Gawain, the winners in the afternoon from Key Stage 2.

Thanks to all who attended and helped make the day so positive.

Winnall Athletics Team

Winnall Swim Team - June 2015

On the 5th of June, 8 Winnall students went to an exhilarating swimming gala.

We would like to thank the amazing parents and teachers who cheered us on and made it happen. We all had butterflies in our stomach, however this did not stop the Winnall team putting in an outstanding performance (four lucky pupils even got into the invitational race!) Again we have to thank the people who made this happen we could not have done this without you. I think our strongest swimming activity was relay, which we all did fantastic in. So thank you for supporting us!

By Jack Kneller (Year 4)

Kwik Cricket Tournament June 2015

Winnall Golfers

Success of 'Catch Up Swimmers' celebrated in assembly.

On Wednesday 25th March, representatives from Penguins Swimming club and the Winchester Round Table Association came to celebrate and share with the school the success of our group of Top Up swimmers from across Years 5 & 6.


Pupils from the additional swimming group received certificates highlighting how their hard work has led to improvement and increased water confidence. A massive well done to all of those who received a certificate.


Next stop the inter-school's swimming gala!

Winnall's first table tennis team!

Westgate Football Tournament- Wednesday 4th February

Winnall's High Fives Teams take on Nightingale in a set of friendlies

Ukulele Club

In association with Winnall Rock School, we are running a Ukulele Club for children to develop the skills they learn as part of the teaching delivered through Hampshire Music Services' 'Listen-to-me' programme.


Last year our Ukulele players went on to perform in front of the school, the Winnall Community and at the Theatre Royal as part of Winnall Rock School's summer show.  They were also part of the 2,300 players who broke the world record for the world's largest Ukulele Ensemble!


This year we are looking forward to performing at the Theatre Royal again.  Do come along and see us!  

The Ukulele Club wow the School, the Theatre Royal and break a world record at St Mary's Stadium!