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Winnall Primary School

Sports Clubs & Team Winnall

Year 2 Racket Skills Event @ Hiltingbury Recreation Ground 6th March

Year 2 had a fun experience at trying different racket skills at Hiltonbury Sports Hall. The children tried squash, tennis, table tennis and badminton. They were a keen and excited group who represented the school marvellously.


Cross-Country Event @ Fleming park Eastleigh Wednesday 7th February 2024

On Wednesday 7th February, a few of us got the chance to go to Cross Country. When we got there, there were 18 other schools ready to compete. First, there were some races that we were able to watch. After that it was time for the Year 5-6 Girls race and the nerves started to grow. Mia finished 53rd, Sufiya, 72nd and Crisa 74th. Pratik was really nervous but after he did the first lap he seemed much calmer. It was a great day and we all had fun. Thank you to all the parents for coming and helping.


By Mia, Crisa, Sufiya and Pratik 

Football Event @ Kings' 24th January 2024

The first match we played was against St Swithun Wells. It finished 0-0 but we kept the ball on their side for the whole game and we nearly scored multiple times. After that, we played against Hiltingbury. The score was 0-2. During this game, our goalkeeper Kaylee saved two great shots. The ball stayed in our half. The third game was against Micheldever. It was breath-taking! The score was 0-1. We worked really hard and we were really close to scoring. We are looking forward to some friendly games we are hoping to have soon.


By Sophie, Millie, Bliss, Ayva and Georgina

Badminton Event @ Thornden School January 17th 2024

On Wednesday the 17th we went to a badminton tournament which was hosted by Thornden Secondary School.


As soon as we arrived we were very nervous, but also excited. When we were called to sit down, the host explained the rules and then we were ready. Our first match was against Knightwood. They were good but we managed to score a few points. We were playing doubles. Mia and Crisa were on court 1 and Suzzi and Nika were on court 2.


After the first round, we had a quick break and then it was straight back to playing. Our second round was against Hiltingbury and we did a lot better! The tournament was very fun and we would like to give thanks to our special cheerleaders Box, Beenie and Sufiya for cheering us on.


By Niharika, Susanna, Mia and Crisa.

Basketball Event @Thorden School Wednesday 15th November 2023

Table Tennis Event @Kings' Wednesday 11th October 2023

Football @ Kings' 4th October 2023

On Wednesday 4th October, 7 of the boys from Year 5 and 6 went to Kings to take part in a football tournament. We played 4 games overall. We won 2 matches, drew 1 and lost 1. Lloyd was the golden boot winner after scoring 4 of our 8 goals. It was really nice playing against our friends from another school but it wasn’t nice falling on the spikey AstroTurf. We passed the ball a lot and sometimes did long ball from the defence to our striker. Overall it was a really enjoyable tournament and we would give our effort 4/5. By Lloyd and Mason Moore

End Ball Yr 1&2 @ Kings' 3rd October

On Wednesday evening, a group of children from Orange and Red class went to Kings to take part in an End ball tournament. End ball involves throwing the ball to different teammates. You cannot move when you have the ball. The goal is to get the ball from one end to another. The throwing, catching and turning is quite funny. Sometimes we almost fell over.

Scarlett– I really enjoyed making new friends at the school.

Keira– I enjoyed everything and liked mum watching.

Multi-Skills event @ Kings' 19th September 2023 Year 3&4