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Winnall Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Peckett: Headteacher / Lead DSL

Mr Wakefield: Teaching & Learning Coach / DDSL

Mrs Jameison: SENDCo / DDSL

Miss Williams: Phonics Lead

Mrs Gunning: English Lead

Year 6

Silver Class

Mrs Sanchez (Class Teacher)

Mrs Ashby (LSA)

Mrs Gilbert (LSA)

Mrs Steven (HLTA)

Year 5

Indigo Class

Mrs Barney (Class Teacher)

Ms Palmer (LSA)

Year 4

Green Class

Mrs Robinson (Class Teacher)

Mrs Simpson (LSA)

Miss Burrage (LSA)

Year 3

Blue Class

Miss Warren (Class Teacher)

Mrs Hill (LSA)

Mrs Crichton (HLTA)

Year 2

Red Class

Mrs Gunning (Class Teacher)

Mrs Hughes (Class Teacher)

Miss Robinson (LSA)

Mrs Nutbeam (LSA)

Mrs Soulsby (LSA)

Year 1

Orange Class

Miss Williams (Class Teacher)

Miss Fielder (LSA)

Year R

Yellow Class

Miss Koehler (Class Teacher)

Ms Lewis (LSA)

Mrs Oakley (LSA)

Miss Condliffe (LSA)

Additional Roles

Mrs Miles: Home School Liaison Manager / DDSL

Mr Jewell: Sports Coach

Mrs Gray: HLTA / Speech & Language Assistant

Wrap Around Club

Breakfast Club

Mr Jewell


After School Club

Mrs Hill

Ms Palmer

Mrs Dazley

Mr Jewell

Admin Team

Mrs May (Admin & Finance Officer)

Mrs Wilson (Admin Officer)

Mrs Best (Admin Assistant)

Lunchtime Team

Mrs Dazley

Miss Paine

Mrs Ashby

Mrs Hill

Mrs Simpson

Mr Jewell

Ms Lewis

Mrs Oakley

Miss Condliffe

Miss Robinson

Miss Watson

Miss Burrage 

Ms Palmer

Site Team

Mr Head (Caretaker)

Mrs Ashby (Cleaner)

Mrs Dazley (Cleaner)

Ms Lewis (Cleaner)

Kitchen Team - HC3S

Mr Francis

Mrs Dazley