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Winnall Primary School


School Uniform

At Winnall we take pride in our appearance.

Our school uniform consists of: 


  • Royal blue cardigan or sweatshirt
  • Royal blue polo shirts
  • Grey or black trousers, skirt, shorts or pinafore
  • Blue checked dress for summer
  • Sensible black shoes or trainers  (no strappy sandals, socks must be worn with sandals) 


PE kit

Physical Education is is an important and valued part of school life at Winnall.  We expect children to come to school wearing their PE kit on PE days.  Except children in Year R who keep their PE kits in school and change in the classroom.


Our PE kit consists of:


  • Blue plain T shirt
  • Black or blue shorts
  • Black or blue tracksuit bottoms

  • Black plimsolls or trainers

  • Winnall Primary School PE Bag (Yr R only: optional)

Where can I buy the uniform?

Clothing with the school logo can be purchased from Skoolkit on Leigh Road in Eastleigh. Book bags are available to purchase from the School Office.  You can also buy polo shirts and other items from local shops such as M&S, Tesco and Sainsburys.


The wearing of jewellery is not preferable in school for reasons of safety and the possibility of loss or damage.  A child can have one pair of studs that need to be removed for PE or covered, if recently pierced. If you intend to have your child’s ears pierced, please arrange for this to happen at the beginning of the summer holidays so that they are fully healed before returning to school. 

Labelling School Uniform

It is essential that all items of uniform are clearly named, so that they can be identified and returned to the child if misplaced. Any lost clothing is to be taken to the lost property box near the school office. All lost property is retained for a half-term and is disposed of if it is not collected within this time.  There are a number of methods for labelling clothing with a name, from writing them in, stamps, sewing or stickers! 


Stikins Name Labels for Uniform


  • Stick on name labels for clothes. No sewing or ironing needed.
  • One pack of sticky name labels for clothes, shoes, & lunchboxes.
  • Millions of name labels in use, over 7,000 parent reviews.
  • Postage & VAT included in all prices, sent same day since 2003.