*** Please note that the price of a school meal has increased and is now £2.60 per meal *** Friday 27th May is an INSET day and the school will be closed to pupils ****

Winnall Primary School


Wearing a school uniform has many benefits and for our children it helps foster a sense of pride in the Winnall Primary School community and creates a sense of purpose.


All children should wear the school uniform. Some school uniform items can be purchased locally at the supermarket for example, Tesco has a good selection both in-store and online. Other items have the school logo embroidered on them and these can be purchased online at Skoolkit


Winnall Primary School Uniform:



  • Grey or black skirts, trousers or pinafores
  • White or blue blouses or polo shirts
  • Blue and white checked or striped summer dresses
  • Blue school cardigan, jumper or fleece


  • Grey or black shorts or trousers
  • White or blue shirts or polo shirts
  • Blue school jumper or fleece



  • Black shoes
  • No open-toe sandals (for health & safety reasons) unless your child is wearing socks. 


PE Kit: Please supply a full change of kit in a labelled bag and ensure it is in school at all times. Pupils must have a change of footwear for P.E and will not be permitted to wear their school shoes. Leggings are not acceptable.

  • Blue or White T-shirt

  • Black, Grey or Blue shorts

  • Plimsolls or Trainers for KS1

  • Trainers for KS2

  • For the winter/colder months, children may have a sweatshirt and/or tracksuit bottoms (blue, black or grey).       


         Additional items: These additional items are nice to have but not compulsory.

  • Winnall Logo PE Bag

  • Winnall Logo Bookbag 


Please remember that all items must be marked with your child's name.


**Please note that due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19 the school is no longer supplying uniform for purchase from the school office. All items must be purchased from the supermarket and Skoolkit.**

We recommend that children do not wear any jewellery in school for the sake of the children’s safety.  All jewellery should be removed for P.E. lessons.  Therefore, if parents have not removed earrings, children should learn to remove and replace their own.  If they do not, their ears will be covered with tape during P.E. lessons to prevent any accidental damage to themselves or others.


Similarly, we discourage children from wearing nail polish or from having extensions in their nails or hair.

The School Uniform Policy above sets out the school's expectations regarding uniform.