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Winnall Primary School

Lunches at School

Children learn best when they are well nourished. At Winnall we aim to support our children's wellbeing by providing nutritious hot cooked meals every lunchtime.


School lunches are freshly prepared every day, on site by our kitchen staff from our catering partner Hampshire County Council Education Catering. They cater for many different tastes, serving a mix of British classics and foods from around the world.  

Lunch menu's change twice a year and operate on a three weekly cycle.  Every day there is both a vegetarian option and a meat option. Please take a look at these menu's with your child (particularly those in KS1) to help them make their lunch choices. 


Children select their cooked lunch each day at morning registration and are given wristbands which they then exchange at the kitchen in the hall for their meal:

  • A green wristband is for vegetarian meals
  • red wristband is for meat option meals
  • A blue wristband is for a jacket potato meal
  • An orange wristband is for children with allergies and special menus.



Is my child eligible for a Free School Meal?


Under the current government scheme, ALL children in Year R, 1 and 2 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals. 


Some families in receipt of benefits may be entitled to receive Free School Meals for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  


Step One: Check your child's eligibility for Free School Meals at

Step Two: Apply on the Hampshire Free School Meals Application portal.


How do I pay for my child's school lunch?


If your child is not entitled to a free school meal the cost is £3.00 per day or £15.00 per week payable in advance. We encourage parents or carers to pay online via the ScoPay app.


This can be downloaded to your phone from Google Play or Apple Store (depending which type of phone you have) and is very simple to use. Please request your unique code from the school office in order to pay via the app. If you are unable to use the app we can accept cash in the school office. 

Winnall Primary School has a NO DEBT policy relating to school meals. This is because the school has to cover the cost of unpaid dinner debts from its education budget and this means that ALL the children are unfairly impacted as a result.

Is there a special menu for children with food allergies?


Winnall is a NUT FREE school and we do have children with severe nut allergies. We therefore ask all children not to bring nut products onto school premises. This includes peanut butter and all Nutella products. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you have any further questions.


HCC Education Catering can provide dairy, soya, wheat, gluten and egg free meals. If your child has an allergy this must be registered and medical evidence provided. You can do this online by visiting the Special Diets Portal.



Can my child have a packed lunch from home?


Some children prefer to bring in a packed lunch from home. This must arrive in a named lunch box and be totally NUT FREE.  It is important that children have a healthy and nutritious lunch. Change4Life has some useful ideas on healthy options to include in your child's lunchbox.