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Winnall Primary School

Lunches at School

Cooked school lunches:

School lunches are freshly prepared every day on site at Winnall by our kitchen staff from HC3S.  HC3S is the catering partner chosen to provide nutritious and tasty meals in your child's school.  They cater for many different tastes, serving a mix of British classics and foods from around the world.  We know that a nutritious lunch full of fresh ingredients will help your child to succeed.

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Menu's are sent home twice a year (roughly April and November) to help you aid your child's daily lunch choice and these menus operate on a three weekly cycle.  The link below also contains the current menu:

What do we do at Winnall Primary School?


At Winnall, children select their cooked lunch meal each day at morning registration.  


For younger children it is really helpful if you chat with them about the meal choice each morning to avoid an upset with food choices. Every day, the menu provides a choice of:

  1. vegetarian option (a green meal) or 
  2. meat option (red meal).  


Here at Winnall, the children are given wristbands before lunchtime, which they then exchange at the kitchen in the hall for their meal:

  • A green wristband is for vegetarian meals
  • red wristband is issued for the meat option
  • And, we also have an orange wristband for children with allergies and special menus.

Lateness & Lunch Ordering:


If you know your child will be late in to school, it is helpful if you contact the school office to let them know of your child’s lunch choice before 9:30am.


Paying for School Meals:


Children in KS2 (Year 3, 4, 5 & 6) are required to pay for their school meals, in advance of eating them.  We do not allow debts to build up and provide an online payment system (called ScoPay) to make it easy for you to pay.  Please click on the link below to take you to ScoPay where you can log in to your account (this needs to be set up at the school office if you have not done so already).  ScoPay is a really simple system which allows you to make payments online at your own convenience.

ScoPay App:


There is also now a ScoPay app which you can download to your mobile phone.  It can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store (depending what phone you have) and is very simple to use.  

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Payment at The School Office:


You can, of course, also pay via cash or cheque (made payable to HCC) for school lunches at the school office.  


Dinner Money Policy:


Please see the link below to Winnall's dinner money policy (important note: as of 1st September 2019, a school meal will now cost £2.40 per day or £12.00 per week)

Free School Meals:


Under the current government scheme, ALL children in Year R, 1 and 2 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals.


Some families in receipt of benefits may be entitled to receive free school meals for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  Please click on the first link below to print off the form, fill it in and return it to the Winnall school office to process it for you.  It is important to include all information, most importantly your National Insurance number.   Alternatively, click on the second link below to apply online now for free school meals and get an instant result (in most cases):



Winnall is a nut free school.  We have pupils with severe nut allergies.   These allergies are such that even the slightest contact with nuts could be life threatening.  We therefore respectfully ask all children that no nut products are knowingly brought onto the premises. This includes peanut butter and Nutella spread & snacks. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you have any further questions.  Thank you for your support in this matter.


Other allergies require a child to be registered and medical evidence provided.  HC3S are able to provide dairy, soya, wheat and gluten and egg free meals. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding food and allergies in school.  For more information about the service that HC3S provides, please visit their website via the link below:

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Packed Lunches:

Alternatively, children can bring in a packed lunch, in a named lunch box.  This MUST be totally nut free.  The links below have some great ideas for healthier lunch boxes.

Morning Break Snack Shop
The kitchen provide a snack trolley for morning break to all children.  Children will need to bring in the correct change to buy their snacks from the kitchen, and ideally in an envelope or purse/wallet each day they want to buy a snack.  The price list is as follows:
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