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After School Clubs

Summer Term Clubs 2018:

These clubs will begin during the week of the 30th April to the week commencing 9th July 2018.  


Please ensure that your child understands that when they belong to a club they are making a commitment to attend punctually and regularly for the whole term.  If they are unable to attend one week the must inform either the teacher in charge or the office of their absence in advance.

All clubs require signing up at the office.


In the interest of safety and security, parents collecting children from after school clubs will need to meet their children at the collection points listed below.  Children must be collected from:

Monday: KS1 Club (Yr 1/2) Collection outside hall
  Homework club (Yr 5/6) Collection outside year 6 classroom
Tuesday: Badminton (Yr 5/6) Collection outside KS2 cloakroom
Wednesday: Cross Country (Yr 3/4/5/6) Collection outside KS2 classroom
Thursday: Rounders (Yr 3/4/5/6) Collection outside KS2 cloakrooms
Friday: Cricket (Yr 3/4/5/6) Collection outside KS2 cloakrooms
  Integr8 Dance Collection outside main school office/reception


* All sports clubs run from 3.30pm - 4.30pm

* Homework club runs from 3.30pm - 4.15pm