Winnall Primary School is now closed. Have a wonderful summer holidays! We look forward to welcoming all the children back on Thursday 3rd September/

Winnall Primary School

Support during school closure 2020

Risk assessment for wider opening. June 2020

If you are in emergency need of food, i.e. you have no food at home and have no means to obtain food, contact us on and we can forward information to the Basics Bank.

We will need

  • names and date of birth of anyone over 18,
  • address  
  • the number of children under 18.


This can only be delivered in exceptional circumstances, but arrangements can made for someone to collect on your behalf. 

More support is available on our Practical Parenting Support page so do look there too for links and ideas.

During difficult times, for example the current Coronavirus crisis, managing your own and supporting your child's mental/emotional health can be a challenge.

Attached in a link to a useful website, MIND-ED FAMILY.

It looks at a wide range of issues, that families can face, and gives practical, informative advice on how to manage common and more complex problems including;

Trauma and coping 

Bereavement (including pets)

Transition between schools

Death and loss on a wider scale


Risky behaviour