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Winnall Primary School

Silver - Year 6

Online Lesson - 1.7.2020

Area of a Triangle

10.6.20 - Online Lesson







Prime Numbers






For today's maths task, you will be working on percentages. The link below can help you, if you do get stuck.





For today's maths task, you will be focusing on common denominators (common multiples). These video will be able to help, if you get stuck. 




Hint: Find the common demoninator then either add or subtract. What do the bottom numbers have in common?


Home Learning Grid - 27th April 2020



Mr Elliott Online Class:





Mr Elliott Online Class:


Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hello Year 6,


I hope you have all enjoyed the sun over the past week and are now settling into new routines at home. I know for me; this transition has been a bit odd, especially as I don't get to see your smiling faces each day. However, we mustn't get bogged down! 


Today, I am tasking you with creating a new, fresh superhero. Maybe one, who can support our current 'real life heroes'.


Below is a link to a video, which will help you create your hero.


For further inspiration, I sure parents/carers/guadians will allow you do to some research on the computer, or by watching some marvel/dc films wink. However, this is just for obtaining information about powers and costumes! Not to see if you can watch the entire Marvel franchise in a week!


Creating a Superhero




1. Poster with annotations describing your superhero.




















2. A biography of your superhero.


  • How did they discover their powers?
  • How did they get their powers?
  • Do they have a tragic back story?
  • Why do they want to help people?
  • Do they even have powers (batman, ironman)?
  • Do they use gadgets?


Structure this biography into paragraphs and give them all sub headers. 


Remember to use:


Full Stops

Relatives and subordinate clauses


Different sentence starters


Formal language

Semi Colons


I suggest you start by drawing and generating ideas for your super hero.


Once your hero has been drawn, coloured and annotated move onto your draft biography.


When the draft has been finished, monkey ears your writing and check which targets you haven't used. It is important to remember and to ask yourself does the writing flow, have you used repetition?


Please email your work to - I'd love to see what you have created!


Mr E


Hello all, 


I have listed below different interactive websites, that can offer support with maths and SPAG learning, all of which are phone, tablet and computer friendly. 


Sumdog and Rockstars


Children should be aware of their usernames and passwords. In addition, a letter went home on the 17/3/2020 containing both pieces of information.




The link below directs children to a created list, which includes hand picked activities, that will follow and support children's learning.


Check back often, as this list will be updated regularly.


Twinkle GO 


1. Go to

2. Click log in.

3. Type in the class code - PE8796


This will give you access to hand picked interactive games. 


Mr Elliott

Welcome to Silver Class - Year 6

2019/2020 Class Teacher - Mr Elliott







Welcome to Silver Class - Year 6

2018-2019 Class Teacher - Mr Wakefield

Year 6 - Natural History Museum Trip - 19th June 2019

Year 6 Military Museum Trip - Friday 15th March 2019


Year 6 children were given the opportunity to take part in a Working Science Forces session at the Winchester Military Museum on Friday 15th March.  The children had a really fun morning taking part in many different experiments.

Marwell Residential - October 2018

Year 6 Trip - October 2018