**** December is a very busy time at Winnall Primary, please keep an eye on the diary! ****

Winnall Primary School

School Trips

Year 2 Trip Around Winchester 14/3/23

On Tuesday we went on a walk in Winchester and it was a gorgeous day because the sun was shining on us. First we went past the Butter Cross and it was taller than me! Then we went to the library. When we were in the library we got a book each and listened to a story. The book I picked was ’How animals grow up’ and the story we listened to was ‘A fox in the dark’.


On the way back we sat the Itchen River. The sun was shining on it and we took a whole class picture! After that we went to Winchester Cathedral, it was monstrous! Finally we were back in school. I loved going in Winchester and going to the library. 


By Paige                                       Red Class


Year 5 and 6 Trip to Winchester Cathedral   6/3/23

On Monday 6th March, Year 5 and 6 visited Winchester Cathedral. We had a brilliant time and everybody really enjoyed it.


Winchester Cathedral has an amazing history and everyone loved hearing about it. We learnt about the West Window and how it used to look completely different. Did you know that solders blew the window apart and the people were so upset that they got together to fix it? It now looks completely different, but it is a very important part of the Cathedral. We were also able to visit and see the crypt but unfortunately it only had a little bit of water in it.


We also did a city walk. We went up the high street to the Westgate and explored where prisoners used to go down and stay underneath the castle and city walls. We went to the Buttercross where we learnt about the market and the fact that butter was stored on the monument to keep it cool. Did you know that King Alfred’s statue has the wrong date of death on it? It is 3 years out of date!


In the Learning Centre we completed some work on prayer stations. We created positive thought buttons, a thank you poster and an acrostic poem. It was a blast and we learnt a lot of history about Winchester.


By Emma and George                     Year 5

Year 5 and 6 Trip to Winchester Millitary Museum   21/3/23

On Tuesday, Year 5 and 6 visited Winchester Military Museum. The first activity we went to was in a big museum on the right. After we entered, we went upstairs. We sat down and learned about WW1 military uniform and made poppy wreaths that now sit on the wall of our classrooms. We also wore the uniforms and hats to see what it felt like (they were really big for me).


The next activity was where we met up in a cemetery and learned about some of the dead WW1 soldiers, who lay beneath stone tombs! Apparently, there were too many bodies in different countries (after the war ended) so they were buried all across Europe.


Not long after, we went to one of the other museums, called the Gurkha Museum. There were a lot of models and scenes based on Nepalese/ Gurkhas fighting and making food. Everyone said that this was their favourite museum!


The last activity was called ’Trench Warfare’ and we learned about how trenches were made. If the officer was killed, the soldiers would be out of control!


Thank you for reading this. Year 5 and 6 really enjoyed it and we look forward to our Winchester Cathedral trip soon.


Susanna and Ishneha- Year 5 and 6


Year 3 Trip to 878AD

On Wednesday we went to 878AD in the Brooks Shopping Centre. We left school at 9:30am and when we got there, a person called Sophie greeted us. The building was about the size of two classrooms and was very dark. Sophie explained what we were going to do for the day. There were two doors and when we went through them, we watched a film about Winchester in 878AD.


After we went in to four different groups. One group touched and felt items from the Anglo-Saxon times. We then became merchants and traded different objects. One of my friends traded a horn for a set of keys. A cup was also traded for a tablet of wax. In another group, we had to act as four different people. There were sheets that we had to follow with instructions on them. Another activity included rubbing paper against runes and the runes pattern transferred to the paper. We also watched three different shows with three different actors dressed in Anglo Saxon clothes.


At the end of the day, one of the actors said that we had a thief amongst us. We were shocked to find out that the thief was Miss Warren!  Finally, we watched one last film and then went back to where we started. We lined up in our groups, ready to go back to school. We had a great time!


By Luca and Alix                        Year 3