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Winnall Primary School

Orange - Year 1

Hello and welcome to year 1! Your class teachers this year are Mrs Gunning Monday-Tuesday and Mrs Rickman Wednesday-Friday. Miss Robinson also works in class and she is in every day.


We currently have PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please come to school in your PE kits on those days. At present, reading books are changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please try and read every day with your child and practise those tricky words!


This term’s big question is, ‘Is big always better?’ For Autumn 1 we will be looking at a variety of different minibeasts and their habitats.


If you are having to self isolate, below is a grid of work for you.

If we don't own something, can it be ours? 


Have a look at our big question - what do you think? Can you have a think about items in your own home that you own? What is really yours? Do you own your family? 


Each week there will be a new home learning grid from you to work from. Try and do at least two activities a day. You can also continue with the Twinkl Go games and try and read a little every day - Oxford Owls is a great website. The class email is and I will check it frequently so if you need any help with anything or you would like to show me anything I would really like to see it.  

Online lesson - Thursday 25th June 2020

Online lesson - 12/5

Online lesson - Tuesday 5th May 2020

Online maths lesson Tuesday 28th April 2020

Gallery of some of Red Class' amazing work

Home Learning Grid - Monday 20th April 2020 



Instructions for home learning

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning Red Class,


I hope you have all managed to take part in the twinkle activities. Remember to keep practising your times tables for x2, x5, x10. And don't forget that we had just started x3. 


I have added some more activities to the twinkl games. Do have a look at these and challenge yourself with some of the activities. Don't forget all you have to do is Google search for: Twinkl Go Login and type in the code:  YF1342


Meanwhile, draw or paint a rainbow to put in your window at the front of your house. Then go for a walk with your adult and see how many rainbows you can find in other people's houses. 


Another new activity which lots of children are doing, is to put a teddy bear in your window and then go on a hunt for other teddy bears in your neighbourhood windows. You can put your teddy in different outfits or move it to a different window. Look our for the best dressed or funniest teddy in your neighbourhood. 


Today I have added two maths challenges for you to download and print. If you don't have a printer then just do it with an adult, working from the screen. There is also a reading challenge for you to enjoy! Try to get an adult to check your work. Finally, there is a fun writing challenge. See below.


Have some fun and keep up with a little challenge with your reading, writing and maths each day. Don't forget you have the pack we sent home. 


Mrs Macdonald

Writing Challenge

Watch the video called 'For the Birds'. 

For the Birds

Challenge 1:

Tell the story to somebody, remembering to use an interesting story opener.



Challenge 2:

Draw these three birds and fill in their speech bubbles with what you think they would be saying?

Challenge 3:

Name the big bird that arrives. Write down how the little birds feel when he arrives and what they do.

Challenge 4:

Draw a picture of the big bird.

Give him three thought bubbles and write down how he's feeling.

Challenge 5:

Draw a picture of what happens to all the little birds when the big bird falls off the line. Make it funny! Under your picture write what has happened and explain why the big bird is laughing laugh


Send us your work and pictures to our class email and we can make a gallery!


Reading challenge

Either print this document, or read and answer the questions from the screen. Ask an adult how you've done.

Maths challenges

Have a go at these maths challenges. One is mixed and one is fractions. 

Mixed maths: 1 star is easiest, 3 star is hardest.

We've done lots of work on fractions, see what you can remember.

March 2020

Home learning

Welcome everyone from Red Class. I have put 16 fun games for you to play from home. All you have to do is Google search for:   Twinkl Go Login and type in the code:  YF1342


This will get you to a page of activities. Make sure you look right at the bottom of the page to see more activities to click and select.


Enjoy yourselves!


From Mrs Macdonald

Welcome to Red Class - Year 2 - Mrs Macdonald


A few important notes:

  • All children need a named drinks bottle with water in it. 
  • All school clothes should be named.
  • All children's P.E kit must be in school all week, this must include P.E shoes, shorts, t-shirt and warmer clothes for outdoor P.E. 
  • Book bags must be in everyday, if children need to change their books, please leave the book bag  in the tray near the classroom door.
  • Please try and read with your child everyday for 5-10 minutes, and remember to sign their book so they can get a stamp which will lead to gaining prizes.
  • Please make sure your children do not bring toys into school. They can get damaged or lost. 


Thank you for all your help and support, any questions please ask and do not hesitate to come and talk to me. 




Autumn Term


Years 1 and 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London this half term. They have become quite the experts in the cause of the fire, how it spread and how Londoners tried to extinguish the flames.  Year 2 have also made models of the type of houses in London at the time. 

Today, the Great Fire of London was recreated on the school playground, when the models were set alight. The children watched ( from a very safe distance!) as the flames went from house to house - with only the one house standing at the end because of the fire break.  Mr Bascombe, our fire marshall for the event, set the houses up safely  and managed lighting the houses so that this could be done in a controlled manner. Mrs Macdonald talked to all the children about why we were doing this and also went over all the fire safety proceedures with them - all the children know that this is not something to try themselves!!

This was a fantastic experience for all the children. They were extremely well behaved throughout and showed a great deal of sensible, mature behaviour, but this did not diminish the sense of awe from watching Pudding Lane burn. The children really understood why this fire is something we still remember 350 years later.