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Winnall Primary School


Phonics screening check 

All of the children's hard work in phonics has been leading up to sounding out and blending a set of 40 real and nonsense words - It's really useful for the children to practice reading lots of these words.


If you are able to print the attachments please encourage your child to sound button the words - this helps them to sound it out and segment the word together. The children are used to sound buttoning real and nonsense words with lines and dots (sausages and peas). Alternatively you/your child can write the words and then they can sound button them. When more than one letter makes one sound e.g. /ay/ in play children use a line (sausage), for a single letter making a single sound e.g. the /p/ in play use a dot (pea). 

Fun and useful phonics games to play at home. Free access to lots of fun and exciting phonics and tricky word games (Use phases 3, 4 and 5 tabs at the top). Username: jan21 Password: home I have emailed you all with your own usernames and passwords to log in, or alternatively you can email me at for your child's login details.

Can you decode these words and go on a treasure hunt to find all of the objects in your house...
These are some examples of sound buttons on real words.