**** December is a very busy time at Winnall Primary, please keep an eye on the diary! ****

Winnall Primary School


For the week beginning 22nd February
For the week beginning 8th February 

1. Try balancing different objects on different parts of your body, eg balancing socks on your feet.


Have a go and see how many different objects your can balance using just your body.


2. Teaching children to understand their left from their right, using their body parts, eg arms/legs.


You can make this harder by the children laying on their stomach, back and side.

For the week beginning 1st February 


Try to think of creative things you can use instead of a ball (eg orange) when you are doing the gymnastics shapes.


Have a go at the fit and fantastic calendar for February, see how many activities you can complete and don't forget about the weekly challenges!!! Head over to the video resources for a demonstration  of these activities.



For the week beginning 26th January 

The Gymnastics exercises below can be tried SAFELY at home.


What items at home can you safely balance on using your hands and feet?  For balancing on your head, only do this if you are confident and you have a responsible adult with you to assist.


How long can you hold the balance for?  See if you improve on your time everyday!



Can you move around your home safely using different parts of your body, eg hands and feet?



For the week beginning 18th January 

There are some fantastic demonstration videos from coach at our video resource centre.



Start by spending a few minutes on each exercise.  If you struggle with one, then move onto the next.  Practice the exercises over a few days.

If you are struggling you can try an exercise from a class below, eg if you are in Silver/Indigo Class, try the exercises in Green/Blue Class, this way you can build your confidence and stamina.

At 5 pm every Tuesday and Thursday, The Youth Support Trust are running a free after school club.  This is available to view and take part on their YouTube Channel. "YouthSportTrust" ~YSTRAfterSchool.
For week beginning Monday 11th January

Start by spending a few minutes on each exercise.  If you struggle with one, then move onto the next one.  Practice the exercises over a few days and then at the end of the week, you can try and put them together to perform a routine, with a start and finish.  

Remember your start and finish is the Y shape (arms above your head).


Don't panic if you don't have a skipping rope for the activity below.  You can do 5 continuous jumps on the spot.