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Winnall Primary School

Late and Absence Procedures

Late Procedure


If you arrive with your child after 9.00am then you must bring your child through the main entrance to the school office to sign them in.  This ensures that we are fully aware who is and is not on site at all times. 


If your child arrives after 9.30am then your child will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. 


Absence Procedure


If your child is not well enough to come in to school, please phone the school office as early as possible, and ideally before 9.30am.  


We have an absence line (01962 853889 - then press option 1) which makes it easy to leave a message with the child's name, class and reason for absence.  


Absence can also be reported via email ( if preferred.


We will telephone parents/carers of any child who is not at school and their absence hasn't been reported as a safety measure.

Absence - Please be honest!


Thank you to everyone who is honest when their child is absent from school for any reason.  It can be tempting for parents to tell a 'little white lie' about why their child was absent (e.g. child was unwell despite being away on holiday).


The problem is that children talk about their holiday, parents, pupils and staff know things from social media and the school almost always finds out.  Sometimes children have tans too!  It's also not great for the children who may be told to keep quiet about a holiday.


If we have sufficient evidence to believe that a child has actually been away, then this may go down as unauthorised and will count towards absences for a penalty notice.


Finally there is a clear link between good attainment and good attendance at school - good attendance really does help!



Is my child too ill for school and how long should I keep them home?
Penalty notice information - for non attendance at school

Request to authorise absence from school due to exceptional services


You will need to print off the form from the link below, fill it in and return to the school office.  Alternatively, the school office hold copies if you do not have access to a printer.