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Winnall Primary School

Indigo - Year 5


'How does our past shape our future?'

Home Learning Work- 2020-2021-

For quarantine or isolation

In Class Work
Monday 13th July- Friday 17th July
Resources Week Commencing Monday 13th July
Monday 6th July- Friday 10th July
Resources Week Commencing Monday 6th July

Topic- Design your own video game

Monday 29th June- Friday 3rd July

Online Lesson- Monday 29th June


Complete the green calculations with the grid method and the expanded method

16 x 21=


23 x 16=


25 x 22=


41 x 25=


28 x 33=


44 x 52= 


Complete the following calculations with just the expanded method


125 x 16


253 x 24=


563 x 32= 


454 x 41=


872 x 56= 


Email your answers to the class email address. 

Resources for week commencing Monday 29th June

Topic- Research Project- How has transport changed over time?

Monday 22nd June- Friday 26th June
Resources for week commencing Monday 22nd June

Art-Drawing and Advertising a car- Week commencing 22.6.20

Monday 15th June- Friday 19th June

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine - Official Video

This video may give ideas when designing the bottom of your fountain. It is also an AMAZING video!

CGI 3D Animation Short Film HD "The Wishgranter" by Wishgranter Team | CGMeetup

CGI 3D Animated Short Film The Wishgranter by Kal Athannassov, John McDonald, Echo Wu. Featured on S...

Questions to answer for 'The Wishgranter'

1. What does the first man wish for?


2. Why do you think the wish granter looks bored when he grant's the first man’s wish?


3. What causes the wish to get stuck?


4. What are some of the things the Wishgranter does to try and get the young boy and young girls attention? Do you know what objects he uses?


5. What goes wrong with these objects?


6. Write a thought bubble for the young boy, as he walks back to the bus with his wish seemingly ungranted.


7. Write a thought bubble for the young girl, as she walks back to her shop with her wish seemingly ungranted.


8. Why do you think the man with the money bags, gave the Wishgranter a coin?


9. How does the Wishgranter feel at the end seeing the two people meet?


10. What do you think happens next to the young couple?


11. If you could wish for one thing, what would it be and why?

Resources for week commencing Monday 15th June
Monday 8th June- Friday 12th June
Online Lesson- Monday 8th June- 1:30pm
Resources for week commencing Monday 8th June
Monday 1st June- Friday 5th June
Monday 18th May- Friday 22nd May

Indigo Class- Week 5 Home Learning Grid

Online Lesson- Monday 18th May

Cat chasing mouse game - Scratch Absolute Beginner Game- Credit- Learn Learn Scratch Tutorials

This is the very first mini game I teach my students. Can easily be completed in a 50 minute lesson. Subscribe for more videos -

White Rose- Year 5 Home Learning Link
Resources for week commencing Monday 18th May

Indigo Class Work Hall of Fame - Send pictures of your work to the class email, to enter the prestigious hall

Monday 11th May- Friday 15th May

Indigo Class- Week 4 Home Learning Grid

Year 5- Online Learning Lesson- Monday 11th May
Resources for week commencing Monday 11th May
Monday 4th May - Friday 8th May

Indigo Class- Week 3 Learning Grid

Resources for week commencing Monday 4th May
Online Lesson- Monday 4th May- 11:00am

Lighthouse (Animation)

Lighthouse (2008), animated short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual. Animation director:...

Monday 27th April- Friday 1st May 

Indigo Class- Week 2 Learning Grid

Resources for week commencing Monday 27th April

English Lesson 1- Henry VIII picture

Monday 20th April- Friday 24th April

Indigo Class- Week 1 Learning Grid

Resources for week commencing Monday 20th April

Maths- Lesson 1 Poster

Monday 30th March- Friday 3rd April

1.4.20- LEGO Challenge- What can you create with Lego this week? Take a picture and send to the class email address.

1.4.20- Hampshire Maths- Problem of the Week (Parents- advice, guidance and an example question are given to assist with the process)


This is a brand new website that focuses on addition and subtraction. 

You can log in with your Times Table Rock Stars username and password. 




Have a look at it and see what you think. We would love to hear your feedback. Send any comments or questions to the class email address.


Times Table Rockstars

I can see you have been going onto Rock Stars and have been practising your times tables. Great work!


Mr W Challenge- Spend at least 15-20 minutes daily on the times table activities (not the shop wink). Remember to use ARENA to progress onto more challenging levels!


Mr W Bonus Challenge- Send me a Rockslam challenge! 

Indigo Class English Project

Week beginning-Monday 30th March


Hi Indigo Class,


I hope you had a good time last week and are settling into a new routine! 


I have a little English project for you to have a look at. I would like you to watch the video below. 


CGI 3D Animated Short "The Small Shoemaker" - by La Petite Cordonnier Team | TheCGBros

Check out this cute 3D animated short called "The Small Shoemaker". On a timeless street of Paris stands a Mr. Botte"s shoemaker's shop, and the passionate a...

When you have watched the video I have four activities for you to do. 


Do 1 activity a day! Each activity should take around 30 minutes (feel free to spend longer on one if you are enjoying it laugh).


Task 1: Draw a picture of the little shoemaker (this can be a stick man or gingerbread man). Around him, write the different thoughts and emotions he has throughout the video. *Look at the website below if you need help with this*


BONUS POINTS for EXPLAINING when and why he feels like the given word. 




Task 2: Draw your own SHOE! Not just any shoe, your very own MAGICAL SHOE! Firstly, draw and decorate the shoe (make it as colourful as you can, you can use sharpies at home wink). Then around the outside, label and annotate the magical features the shoe has.





Task 3: Write a short diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters. This could be the little shoemaker, the new shoemaker or even one of the shoes. 

PARENT NOTE: Focus on capital letters, full stops and neat handwriting. 

BONUS POINTS for EXPLAINING in detail the emotions and thoughts you felt as you watched what was happening. 




Task 4: Write a letter from the little shoemaker to the new shoemaker. You choose what you put in this letter!

PARENT NOTE: Focus on capital letters, full stops and neat handwriting. 

BONUS POINTS for paragraphing work in sensible sections and using Point Evidence Explain (yes that's PEE) to justify your thoughts. 




I would love to hear any feedback you have! Please send a message to the class email to let us know how it has gone! 



Useful links for working at home


Times Table Rock Stars




Top Marks Maths Games (no log in required)


Spelling Frame


Look Cover Write Check Game


Synonyms, Antonyms Game


Welcome to Year 5 - Indigo Class - Mr Wakefield




Autumn term 1 & 2 P.E 















September 2018 - July 2019

Welcome to Year 5 - Indigo Class - Mr Elliott



Natural History Museum - 19th June 2019

Space Week - October 2018

Visit to Military Museum


Year 5 and 6 visited the Military Museum in Winchester to find out more about WW1. They had a great day trying on uniforms , writing letters home from the trenches , learning about horsepower and many other things. Have a look at the photos.