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Winnall Primary School

Green - Year 4

Green Class 2022

Class Teacher - Mrs Barney

Friday 18th February 

Please click on the sub heading below to find work to do. Choose one piece of work for Maths, English,Topic and  PSHE. Do not complete the whole booklet in a day- choose one piece from it. Keep safe 


Friday 9th July 2021 Online lessons

(Do not access before the lesson- you will need it during the lesson)


Lesson 1- Maths

Sum4.7.1 - Interpret charts

This is "Sum4.7.1 - Interpret charts" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Lesson 2-English

the river by Valerie Bloom

Lesson 3 - DT

Design a 3 course meal for the Euros final- England V Italy. Think about the foods we discussed in the online lesson.

Monday 12th July 2021- Online lessons

Lesson 1- Maths

Sum4.7.2 - Comparison sum and difference

This is "Sum4.7.2 - Comparison sum and difference" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Lesson 2- English


Rivers from source to mouth

Follow a tributary of the River Esk from the source to the mouth. A perfect introduction to rivers geography for KS2 pupils.

Lesson 3 - French

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Lesson 1- Maths

Sum4.8.1 - Turns and angles

This is "Sum4.8.1 - Turns and angles" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Lesson 2 - English

Tuesday afternoon independent learning

PE and ICT

Tuesday afternoon is my ppa time and you usually have PE with Coach and an activity with Mrs Neill. Instead click onto the activities below and do the ICT work and PE. Be prepared to show and talk about your work in the morning.

Wednesday 14th July 2021

Lesson 1- Maths

Sum4.8.2 - Right angles in shapes

This is "Sum4.8.2 - Right angles in shapes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Lesson 2 -English


Lesson 3- PHSE

Guided Meditation for Children | THE GRATITUDE TREE | Kids Meditation for Happiness

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Thursday 15th July 2021


Lesson 1 -Maths


Lesson 2- English

Lesson 3 - Art

How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Monster Folding Surprise

Learn how to draw a cute and super scary cupcake monster! This might be my new favorite folding surprise lesson. We hope you have fun following along with us...

Tuesday online lesson resources -Book review

Wednesday/ Thursday online lesson text

Thursday online lesson activity- witch warning poster

magic potion writing frame

Week beginning 11th January 2021

Click on the green flower to find your home learning grid 

All your learning for the week is in the green flower. Click on the green flower to access videos, worksheets and resources to support the lessons. 

There are 4 lessons to do each day- online lesson, maths, English and one other.

Please return your work to school when you pick up the new pack the following week so I can have a look at it and mark it.

There will be paper copies in packs on the school gate from Monday morning if you need one. Some of you have been contacted about additional work and these packs will also be on the gate in named envelopes.


Online lesson - Every day 9.30-10.00am

This week we will have guided reading lessons online. We will also use this as time to ask questions about any other home learning tasks you are doing.

6th - 8th January

I will be doing a selection of tasks from the following booklets in class this week. Please choose some activities to do at home. Choose the booklet that is most suitable for your child.

Next week there will be a timetable with maths, English, topic and online lessons scheduled. Please keep an eye on the website for this.

Many thanks for your continued support and help.


Welcome back and Happy New Year

Well....... Here we go again.... Lockdown!!

This week I will put some work daily on the website for you to do. If you need extra work look back at the self-isolating work on here and complete that. There is plenty to keep you busy. In the meantime I will prepare a full time table and learning pack with timetabled live online lessons on to start on Monday.

Please keep in touch by the green class email if you need anything.

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Barney


Tuesday 5th January

New Years Resolutions

Discuss with an adult what a new years resolution is and choose some for you. You can fill out the sheets below if you want to.


Christmas Holiday Recount

Divide a piece of paper into 6 boxes and draw 6 pictures of your Christmas day in sequence.

Next write a recount of your day. You may choose to do this in the style of a diary.


MATHS- Practise your times tables. Log on to rockstars and I can check your progress.

Here are some Christmas activities if you are having to self isolate during the last week of term. We will be doing Christmas activities in class so here are a few you can do at home. 



There is also some topic work to finish of our big question- "What makes us unique?"


What makes us unique?

More work if you are home self-isolating- 22nd October 2020


Welcome to the new school year

Welcome back to Green Class and the start of year 4.


Work if you are self isolating or in quarantine:

Here are two transition booklets to help with the move from year 3 to 4. If you are home self isolating and you are well enough to work have a go at these. If you are in quarantine you can also do these. I will add new work to this page each week.


Here is some more work:


Online lesson- 14th July 2020


This is our last online lesson of the term. It has been an unusual year and one we will not forget easily. You have been fantastic both in school and working at home and I am very proud of everyone of you. I am a little sad that I did not get to spend the whole year with you, but I enjoyed the time we had together as a class. Mr Wakefield is a very lucky teacher to be getting you as his class next year. To help you remember your time in Green Class I thought it would be nice if you made yourself a memory book. I have put on a template that you can print out and fill in.

Good luck with the memory books and enjoy the summer holidays when they come. smiley

End of year book template

Week 7 home learning grid- 13th-17th July

Summer Homework Grid- for children coming to Green Class in September


Your online lesson this week will be Tuesday at 2pm with Mr Wakefield and Mr Heavy.

Home learning pack- July 6th - 10th


Online Lesson- Tuesday 30th June 

Write a story for your new teacher in September.

Title: The day school closed for lockdown.

 If you want to write a story about something else you may.


Plan the story.

Edit and improve the story to show your best writing.

Copy it into neat or type it up. You can either email it to school or drop in a paper copy and I will make sure it gets delivered to Mr Wakefield.


Rainbow lined paper for neat copy of your letter.

Home Learning Grid week 5- 29th June-3rd July 2020


Online lesson Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Week 4 Home Learning Grid- 22nd-26th June


Online lesson- Tuesday 16th June 2020


Week 3 Home Learning Grid- 15th -19th June


Online lesson Tuesday 9th March

DO NOT complete this work until after the online lesson!


Home Learning Grid- summer 2 week 2- June 8th-12th


Home Learning Grid- Summer 2- Week 1 June 1st - 5th

Look at our home learning photos:


Online lesson- Wednesday 20th May


Here is the flipchart and instructions for the ice cream investigation:

Home Learning Grid 18th-22nd May


Online lesson- Wednesday 13th May 2020

Here are the answers to the maths work if you didn`t finish marking them in the lesson:


Today`s story writing task:


Home Learning week bg - 11th May 2020

Please find home learning grid and resources below for week 4.

Remember to  bring your maths work to the online lesson on Wednesday and we will mark it together.

Please can you ask your children not to type messages to each other during the online lesson. I will give them time at the beginning of the lesson to have a chat to each other but they need to keep their fingers off the keyboard! Thanks.




Online lesson Wednesday 6th May 2020

Grid method multiplication

Use the videos to help you. If you usually use place value counters in school just draw them on a piece of paper.


Home Learning Grid- week 3 - Monday 4th May- Thursday 8th May

I have put a full grid up even though it is only a 4 day week due to the bank holiday Friday. Make sure you take Friday off and enjoy the bank holiday- as much as you can in lockdown!


Home Learning Grid week 3

Resources week 3


Flip chart for online lesson Wednesday 29th April 


Examples of maps

Home Learning Grid and resources- week 2- April 27th -May 1st 2020

Below you will find the home learning grid for next week. Try and have a go at White Rose Maths lessons as they will teach you new skills and provide you with a video to help you. I look forward to seeing you all next week in our online lesson. Bring your diary entry with you and you can read some of it to your friends if you want to.

Enjoy the sunshine and keep up the daily walks.

Mrs Barney


Wednesday 22nd April 2020- online lesson

I have put the flip chart from the online lesson today into a word document below. You will be able to open this to remind you what you need to put in your diary. Bring your diary entries to next weeks lesson and we can share them with each other. Practise reading them out loud to your family.

Week 20th - 24th April- Home Learning Grid

Here is the Home Learning Grid for this week. I have included copies of the reading comprehension and spelling grids if you need to print them out. You will also be able to pick these up from the school gates from Monday 11.00am. I have tried to make the work as "worksheet" free as I can and for most of the activities you just need paper and pencil. 


Home Learning

Hello Green Class and welcome to our home learning page. You all took home at the beginning of the week a class pack of home learning.There is enough work in your pack to keep you going through next week. 

Next week I will start to post more work, activities and websites for you to do and go on. In the meantime continue logging into your times table rockstars accounts. I can track your progress from my computer.

Remember to do some physical activity everyday too. But most importantly stay safe. I will update this page next week with more home learning. 

Mrs Barney smiley


Your log in details and passwords were sent home with you earlier on in the year.

Twinkl Go 

Access the internet and enter 'twinkl go login' into your browser.

You will be asked to enter a unique code, this will take you to the work set by your teacher. 

Reading comprehension - 

Have a go at these - 

J F 0 8 7 9 

Maths -

Matching analogue and digital times or try and use different coins to make a pound. 

X G 1 2 7 5

Here is a game we would have played in word study- if you haven`t got counters use buttons, a stone or even smarties!

Virtual Field Trip - Amazon Rainforest

Visit this virtual rainforest to complete the activities that will follow on the website..

Here are some activities you can do after you have been on the virtual tour of the rainforest:

  •  Make a shoe box rainforest. Do this just like we did for our Titanic cabins but turn it into a rainforest jungle. Email me photographs of any you make on the class email:
  • Write a poem about the rainforest. Use your senses to write a list of what you would see, hear, smell, feel, taste if you were in the rainforest and put these into a poem.
  • Draw or paint a rainforest picture.
  • Role play going on an adventure in the rainforest- Use your garden and family members to imagine you are really there.
  • Make a rainforest song.
  • Make up some rainforest maths problems- explain how you would solve them and show your workings out. EG- In the rainforest there are 1245 different species of insects. I have found 642. How many more do I need to find?



Monday 30th March- Spelling and Maths

Here are the year 3 and 4 spellings:

If you find the year 4 words a bit tricky here are the year 2 words. 
If you find the year 4 words too easy, here are the year 5 words.
Keep practising the spellings and here are some "correct the spelling mistake" sheets to see if you have learnt them correctly.
Here is a maths revision booklet for year 4- have a go at some of the questions. If you get stuck on any you can google "BBC Bitesize Key stage 2 maths" and find a revision and practise video for the area you need help with.

Rockstars times tables update:

I have moved all your accounts into one group and you will be doing automatic training for times tables, not just practising the same set times tables. If you play the Arena game this will move you onto the next level of challenge. You can play all the other games too. 

It`s lovely to check in on the class statistics and see who has been playing and the progress you have made- it`s all good practise for Monkey Maths when we return to school.

Have fun!


English Challenges

Funny PIXAR La luna full

Watch the video clip "La Luna" and choose two of the following activities to write about:


1. Brainstorm who the characters are and write a character profile for each one.


2. Draw a storyboard to retell the story.


3. Write two diary entries- one before the fishing trip and one after to describe the "star fishing".


4. Write a set of instructions on  how to catch a star.


5. Write a story about someone who collects stars.


MATHS- Addition and subtraction reasoning questions. Here are some questions to try. You can dip in and out of the year 3 and year 5 ones if too easy or too hard!!

New Maths website- NUMBOTS

This a website to practise addition and subtraction. You use the same user name and password log in details for Rockstars.

There are lots of fun games to play. Have a go!



HAPPY EASTER- Enjoy the Easter Holidays.