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Winnall Primary School

Green - Year 4

Green Class 2019/2020

Class Teacher - Mrs Barney

Home Learning

Hello Green Class and welcome to our home learning page. You all took home at the beginning of the week a class pack of home learning.There is enough work in your pack to keep you going through next week. 

Next week I will start to post more work, activities and websites for you to do and go on. In the meantime continue logging into your times table rockstars accounts. I can track your progress from my computer.

Remember to do some physical activity everyday too. But most importantly stay safe. I will update this page next week with more home learning. 

Mrs Barney smiley


Your log in details and passwords were sent home with you earlier on in the year.

Twinkl Go 

Access the internet and enter 'twinkl go login' into your browser.

You will be asked to enter a unique code, this will take you to the work set by your teacher. 

Reading comprehension - 

Have a go at these - 

J F 0 8 7 9 

Maths -

Matching analogue and digital times or try and use different coins to make a pound. 

X G 1 2 7 5

Here is a game we would have played in word study- if you haven`t got counters use buttons, a stone or even smarties!

Virtual Field Trip - Amazon Rainforest

Visit this virtual rainforest to complete the activities that will follow on the website..

Here are some activities you can do after you have been on the virtual tour of the rainforest:

  •  Make a shoe box rainforest. Do this just like we did for our Titanic cabins but turn it into a rainforest jungle. Email me photographs of any you make on the class email:
  • Write a poem about the rainforest. Use your senses to write a list of what you would see, hear, smell, feel, taste if you were in the rainforest and put these into a poem.
  • Draw or paint a rainforest picture.
  • Role play going on an adventure in the rainforest- Use your garden and family members to imagine you are really there.
  • Make a rainforest song.
  • Make up some rainforest maths problems- explain how you would solve them and show your workings out. EG- In the rainforest there are 1245 different species of insects. I have found 642. How many more do I need to find?