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Winnall Primary School

English work

Twinkl Go 


Log on to Twinkl Go and type in the code - SE3194, there is a reading comprehension, please do not expect the children to do this alone, it can be done with an adult and all the answers discussed. There is also a Gingerbread Man sound mat. 

The Gingerbread Man


In class this week (16th November 2020) Orange Class have been reading the Gingerbread Man.

There is a video attached below. 

These are some of the activities that you could try at home. 

- Make a Gingerbread Man - there are lots of recipes online, you could decorate it in a number of ways. 

- Draw three pictures that show the beginning, middle and end of the story.  

- Create a bridge for the Gingerbread man to cross the river - could you use blocks, or lego? What else could you use? 

- Can you find out what foxes like to eat? Do they just like gingerbread? Maybe you could make a poster showing us more about foxes?

- Could you design a new front cover for the book - what picture would you chose for the front? 

- Could you draw a Gingerbread Man and decorate him - maybe you have things you could decorate him with, maybe you could draw him some clothes? 

- Could you work out what floats and what sinks? Maybe you could make him a boat to help him cross the river to save him from the fox? 

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Jack and the Beanstalk


For this first two weeks in November we are focusing on the book 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. I have uploaded a short video and a copy of the story. 


Please read it and re read it with your child. 


Ideas for home learning - 

Draw a picture of the giant's castle and label it? Draw/create some of the rooms inside the giant's castle and label them - would they be expensive with lots of gold?

Retell the story with toys. Playmobil, Duplo, Lego - anything really! Encourage your child to think about what the different characters would say at different points of the story. 

Research the and draw the lifecycle of a bean plant. 

Find a plant outside and count how many leaves it has - compare it to a plant with less or more leaves. 


Any work you've done please photograph it and email it -

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