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Winnall Primary School

Easter ideas for the holidays

Mrs Neill's Easter Bunny Pancakes Challenge

Mrs Hill's Easter Bunny Hunt. 

Can you draw a picture of what you think the Easter bunny looks like - what colour fur does he or she have? How big are it's ears? How many whiskers does it have? If it wears clothes, what kind of clothes and an important question - where does it store all of those chocolate eggs? 

When you have drawn your picture could you put it up in the window of your home and then when you go out for a walk you could count how many you can see. You could even make up a story about the Easter bunnies of Winnall? 

Check out some ideas from Mrs Gilbert's Easter Eggstravaganza

Easter craft at home - Miss Warren

Try out these easy to make Easter chicks, bunnies, eggs and flowers. 

Email me with how you get on smiley

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Getting crafty in keystage 1-Mrs Macdonald

Here are a couple of tried and tested funny bunnies!

See if you can get creative with your empty toilet roll tubes or make yourself pair of bunny ears. smiley


Picture 1
Picture 2

Easter Holiday Hunts - Mrs Barney

I love an Easter egg hunt and here are two ideas where you`re not finding eggs but have to complete challenges. Maybe your grown ups will give you a chocolate treat if you complete these:


1. Hide these challenges around the house or garden. When you find a clue you have to complete the challenge to win a chocolate treat.
2. Follow the instructions to play "scramble the letters" hunt.

Here are some Easter mindfulness colouring pages. I know Green Class love these and would be asking me for some if we were in school. Have fun colouring!


There's nothing quite like home made play dough, and this recipe has an Easter twist to it - chocolate!

( Tip - use old Easter egg discarded packaging to make egg shape moulds with your play dough).

Just remember to tell your kids it's not for eating.

I'd love to see photo's of your own recipes,

Mrs Miles wink

Mmmm - Home made CHOCOLATE playdough