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Winnall Primary School

Charity & Fundraising

Children In Need 2019


Thank you for all the loose change that was bought in to fill our Pudsey Bear on Friday 15th November.  We raised a fantastic £121.68.  We hope the children enjoyed wearing their Pudsey accessories to school on that day.

Harvest Assembly - 18th October 2019


We were pleased to see so many parents and carers join us for our fun Harvest assembly.  We would like to thank everyone for the fantastic donations for Winchester Basics Bank.  They really will go to people in need.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon (Wednesday 25th September 2019)

Mrs Gunning hosted a Macmillan coffee afternoon on Wednesday 25th September.


We would like to thank you for all your fantastic cake donations and for your support at the event.  We raised £231.05 which is amazing and will fund a Macmillan nurse for a day!!

Tesco Winnall 'Bags of Help' Scheme (March/April 2019)
Wow!! Thank you for all your support - we have raised £2,000 towards the library refurbishment.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Winnall Primary School has been selected for the Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme.  Each time you shop at Tesco Winnall (and we hope that you will do this a lot!) you will receive a blue token at the till. This then gets put into the project of your choice as you leave the shop.  This will run until the 30th April 2019.  We are fundraising to redevelop our school library.


At Winnall we are extremely lucky to have a well stocked library, run by David Smith, our volunteer librarian. We would love to update the furniture, extend our book choices and be able to open up the library after school a couple of days a week, so that you can enjoy books with your children before going home.


This is part of some much bigger work we have been doing on reading this year. Each class has been taking part in the “Book a Month” scheme, where children are encouraged to read books by authors they may not have come across yet. It’s been wonderful to see more children reading in school and we hope that they keep this up!

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Comic Relief  (Friday 15th March 2019)


What is Red Nose Day?


Since its launch in 1988, Red Nose Day has become something of a British institution. It’s the day, every two years, when people across the land can get together and raise money at home, school and work.  There’s a fantastic night of TV on the BBC, with comedy and entertainment to inspire the nation to give generously.  Comic Relief spends the money raised by Red Nose Day to help people living tough lives across the UK and internationally.


What are we doing at school?


To support Comic Relief, Winnall Primary School asked the children to donate any small change and pupils were allowed to wear items of red, red accessories and/or a red nose and tell a joke to their class.  We are delighted to announce that we raised a fabulous £138.39 for Comic Relief 2019

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Christmas 2018 - Charity Collections


During our nativity performances and our Christmas concert at the church, we held collections for our Christmas charities. This year we collected for two charities closely linked to the school: Trinity Winchester and The Salvation Army.  We are pleased to tell you we raised £89.10 for Trinity and another £89.10 for The Salvation Army.  Thank you once again for your generosity.

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Just Different Charity Visit - 12th November 2018

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Children In Need 2018 - Pennies for Pudsey

Thank you to everyone at Winnall Primary for the extremely generous donations.  We collected a large amount of loose change to cover our Pudsey bears and we managed to raise £131.89 for Children in Need 2018.  Many pupils also enjoyed wearing Pudsey ears, headbands, pin badges and wristbands to school on the day.  Thank you to everyone who got involved and well done.

On Friday 16th November, Winnall Primary School will be supporting BBC Children In Need.  We would love children to bring in any loose change to add to our Pennies for Pudsey.  All children are allowed to wear Children In Need accessories WITH school uniform on the day.  This could be headbands, Pudsey ears, badges, wristbands etc.

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Harvest 2018

Today we collected food items for our harvest assembly.  The children bought in some fantastic offerings which were all taken today to Winchester Basics Bank.  We would also like to thank Winnall's 'One Stop' for their kind contributions.  Each class contributed a reading to the assembly and the whole school enjoyed singing some harvest songs.

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Trinity Big Sleep Out - May 2018

Along with around 200 other people, some children and parents from Winnall Primary school enjoyed a night under the stars to support homeless and other vulnerable people in Winchester on Friday 11th May.  This took place at Wolvesey Castle, the Bishop of Winchester’s grounds.  All of the money raised helps to run services supporting vulnerable people in Winchester.  Some of the shelters that people slept in that night were built by Winnall Primary's very own green class who were lucky enough to go to St Swithun's on Thursday 10th May to build shelters.  Also, a small group of children had the opportunity to sing on stage that night to help with the fundraising.


The children of Winnall Primary also took part in a non-uniform day on Friday 11th May raising a fantastic £141.66.  The children were lucky enough to have an assembly lead by Trinity to talk about homelessness too to help them understand what this actually means.


We would like to thank everybody who took part in these events. 


My speech for homeless


"Every time I see somebody who is homeless I feel sad because they have a cold sleeping bag and some newspaper.  Sometimes, they have a dog and I would cry if it died.  So I really hope Trinity and all the other homeless charities change all their lives to a  nice, warm, loving life which they have a family of their own.


On Thursday 10th May 2018 my class went to St Swithun's school for Girls.  We were building shelters for people to sleep in and feel what it's like to be homeless.  Then the money that our school gets and Trinity gets go to the homeless to have their own life in a nice, warm house.  So if you donate to Trinity that will be a lovely gift for me and them."


Written by Chelsea - Year 4 Green Class

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Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon (23rd March 2018)


Sport Relief is a charity event from Comic Relief, which brings together the worlds of sport and entertainment to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world's poorest countries. 


The children (and staff) at Winnall Primary School had a fantastic time at the Dance-A-Thon run by Ellie from Integr8.  All children were encouraged to wear Dance clothing and donate £1 towards Sports Relief.  


Key stage one enjoyed learning some dance moves in the first session to famous hits such as Michael Jackson's 'Bad' and 'Let It Go' from Frozen, which was very popular.   


Key stage two enjoyed the second session with some fantastic dancing to some very popular songs like Justin Timberlakes 'Can't Stop The Feeling'.  They also enjoyed showing off the latest craze 'The Floss'.  


We raised £78 in total for Sport Relief and would like to thank Ellie from Integr8 for her time and for providing the children with such a fun afternoon.

KS1 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS1 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS1 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS1 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS1 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS2 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS2 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS2 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS2 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS2 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS2 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS2 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon
KS2 Sport Relief Dance-A-Thon