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Winnall Community Leaders

Our newly elected House Captains, Vice Captains, First Aid Leaders, Library Leaders, Sports Leaders and Visitor Liaison Officer

STARS Summer School 2015


Our JRSO'S ( Junior Road Safety Officers) have been hard at work again this week, brushing up on their skills with a day of lessons and ideas which aid the integration of travel education into the curriculum.

Working with School Travel Plan officers from Hampshire County Council, Summer  and Courtney solved Maths problems through using bus timetables,  made smoothies using peddle power, watched an hilarious performance about space travel, read maps, raced a scooter around a course, changed a tyre and were taught the importance of safe and sustainable travel to school!

They did so well in fact, they won an award for the school - a visit from ' Strider', the Living Streets Walk to School mascot, to come to Winnall and work alongside the children for the day.

A great day out - well done girls!

Election of School Community Leaders

Mr James and I were thrilled with the response to our 'advert' for House Captains for our school.  We were so overwhelmed that we have created a selection of key roles for these children who, we felt, proved themselves to have the skills to work in different areas across the school. 


We are very proud and excited to announce the names of these children and look forward to working with them across the coming year.


We have appointed 4 House Captains, 4 Vice Captains, 2 Library Captains and a School Safety  Officer.


In addition to this, we have created a new position in the form of a Head of School who will oversee the activities of the House Teams as well as play an integral role in decision making in many areas of the school.




Head of School

Head of School 1 Tara Karki - Head of School

First Aid Leader

First Aid Leader 1 Hannah Jenkins - First Aid Leader

Library Captains

Library Captains 1 Skye Oakley - Library Captain
Library Captains 2 Ellie Salter - Library Captain
Picture 1 Jessica Robinson - Gawain House Captain
Picture 2 Maisie Harfield - Bedivere House Captain
Picture 3 Fabienne Miles - Lamorak House Captains
Picture 4 Alex Clinch - Tristain House Captains

House Vice Captains

House Vice Captains 1 Sophie Ankinson - Lamorak Vice House Captain
House Vice Captains 2 Gobind Ruprah - Tristain Vice House Captain
House Vice Captains 3 Lucy Moore - Bedivere Vice House Captain
House Vice Captains 4 Katee Englefield - Gawain Vice House Captain